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We love beauty. We also love finding and creating moments that showcase the world in its best light. This passion stems from wanting to make the world a better and brighter place. With products, sometimes all they need is the right perspective to showcase their uniqueness, style and flair.

That, fortunately for us, is what we specialize in!

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Joseph Hobbs

Leanna Pareja

Ashley Cottrell

Managing companies at an early age in Northern California led Joe to overseeing multi-million dollar projects and becoming the Production Manager here at CVP. His skill in observing the details and ability to bring people together are parallel to none.

With Colombian roots, Leanna Pareja has been writing and singing since she was five years old and as a teenager began working as a model and actress in Southern California. 

Before and throughout her career in entertainment, Leanna has focused on giving back to the impoverished and less fortunate, traveling often to places like Ethiopia and Malawi Africa. Then in 2011 she began producing commercials and corporate videos for various companies and clients around the world.Her focus is on creating films and music that move and inspire others to live a more authentic and fulfilling life.

Ashley Cottrell is known for her inspirational style of teaching that heavily focuses on the internal and spiritual work of yoga. She began her career on social media as The Yoga Couple with her husband Mathew. After much success in social media popularity, she created The Inner Work Media, a company that focuses on helping companies with brand strategy, content creation, and building authentic audiences. She is one of Leanna's photographers and post-production managers 

integrating her love for visual design. 

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Matthew Micheletti

Mathew has been creating, branding, and managing businesses for the past 5 years with his wife and partner Ashley. Together they run The Inner Work Media, a conscious social media strategy company building the content and fan base for companies that light them up! 


Although starting from humble beginnings by being the runt of his pack, he didn't let that determine his destiny. He has become an actor, father, and is a beloved friend. He loves cool walks on the beach, adventurous trips, and will do what is necessary for a tasty treat.

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